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Authority regulations

Ban on driving during nighttime

At least four years ago around seven kilometers south of the city centre the Luxor bridge was
inaugurated. The idea was to build up a faster connection between the East and the West Bank. But unfortunately that works only during daytimes. From 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. the bridge is closed for tourists - security reasons, so the official comment. Everybody who has an arrival or departure flight in the night has to confidence in the public ferry or private motor boats. Only exception: Guests in the luxury hotel "Al Moudira". After the management announce their guests they are allowed to pass the bridge also over night.


Visa up to one year

You like it in Luxor? You are independent from a job? Than you can stay. At least for one year as a so called tourist resident. But this means you will have no permission to work. You will get the visa in the Luxor Passport office, Khaled Ibn-El Waleed Street, in front of the "Sonesta St. George" hotel. All you need is of course you passport and one photo. Then you have to fulfill the application "No. 7". A visa up to six months will cost you only LE 11,50, for up to one year you have to pay LE 26,50. You will find special rules if you want to stay as a student, if you like to marry or you are married to an Egyptian or you are send by a company for work. Also you will find special visa which includes the permission for several trips per year from and to Egypt. The working hours of the office are saturday till wednesday from 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m..Our advice: Ask an Egyptian friend for help because the staff in this office has only little knowledge in English.


Registration is important

Everybody who rents long-termed a private apartment has to follow some administrative rules. Most
important: It is necessary that your landlord make a registration for you. For this he needs a copy of your passport incl. the page with the visa stamp and a copy of your contract for the apartment. The landlord also has to attach a copy of his ID-card. All this papers will be send to the police and security offices. All the registration is free of charge. The registration can be important in unlucky situations, such as the death of your landlord or any serious complaints.


Drive by yourself

Usual you have to join the convoy if you like to travel by taxi, mini bus, rented car or in your own caravan from Luxor for instance to Abydos or Aswan. But there is also another way. If you are willing to pay a fee of LE 500 you can get your private convoy. Announce your planned trip to the Convoy Police in the building of the Luxor City Council (Corniche El Nile, next to "Mercure" hotel) and you will get the company of a police patrol or for short trips to particular villages or places will be announced to the de situ offices and get a special passage permission. In such cases you have be back in time as planned, because otherwise you will be listed as missing. In contrary to the official convoys for this kind of private trips you can stopp as you like and also leave the main roads. Because the officers of the convoy police only speak little English it will be helpful for your visit there to bring with you an Egyptian friend.

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