Tourist police

Here you find help if in trouble

Always you will find in guide books the advice: If you have any problem ask the Tourist Police. But
sometimes is not so easy. "Fifty per cent of our staff speaks English", one officer told us. So what to do if you would have a serious problem? Move to the main office in the Tourism Center on the Corniche El Nile beside the hotel Winter Palace (phone 2376620 or 2373845). If you don't find anybody who speaks English, they will look for a guide or a felukka man as a translator. Or you go with your tour leader, your guide or an Egyptian friend. Then the police will help you immediatly. If you have any problem over night call the emergency number 122 and you will find one officer of the Tourism Police. By the way: The most trouble the police has with European women married to Egyptian men the officer told. And he gave the advice for tourists: Look for everybody very serious and learn to know him before you will trust him. On the West Bank you will find the Tourism Police beside the ticket office in El Qurna (phone 2311622).


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