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Language, culture and dance in Luxor and Alexandria

In Luxor - the metropolis of Egypt's culture - you cannot only discover the fantastic ancient monuments. You can also continue your studies, can learn about the modern Egypt with its social structures of today, find out something about the daily problems and difficulties of the people living in the city and the surrounding villages.

VIAGGI E MIRAGGI, the Italian non-profit organisation operating as a special type of co-operative travel agency, offers you this ambitious opportunity. Its aim is to generate a responsible tourism and to create projects for a different kind of tourism in Egypt, particularly in Luxor.

With its offers VIAGGI E MIRAGGI on one hand likes to gives tourists a little insight into the every day culture of today and with that advertise for a better understanding between people. On the other hand with its cooperation with local organisations the group wants to give its share for a better economic living conditions of the families of the region.

The programme includes among others language courses (standard modern Arabic - spoken and written - for different levels) and classes in Oriental dance). All courses are combined with guided excursions to the archaeological sites, visits of social and religious institutions but also cooking classes and discussions. It is one of the targets that the participants beside reaching the certificated level of their course to learn,know and understand more about the "usual" life and the people of nowadays.

Starting in 2005 VIAGGI E MIRAGGI added another attraction to its programmes. In Alexandria - the city named by Alexander the Great on the north coast with its Ptolemaic monuments and the new library - the summer school offers from 11th of July until 6th of August Arabic courses. As it is a standard for VIAGGI E MIRAGGI excursions and contacts to the cultural society as well as sportive activities are connected to the classes.

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