Egypt's national holidays

Egyptians really cannot complain about lack of national holidays. Since 2003 the 7th of January, the Coptic Christmas, is a national holiday for all Egyptians. On this day the feast can be celbrated together from Christians and Moslems. As usual in Egypt all public offices as well as banks (in Luxor apart from some exchange offices) are closed on 7th of January, but the small shops will be open, the owners are smelling a good business. (December 2004)

National holidays in 2005

07. January: Coptic Christmas
20. January: Eve of the Greater Bairam
21. - 24. January: Greater Bairam (feast of the sacrificial wether)
10. February: Islamic New Year (1426)
21. April: Birthday of the Prophet Mohamed
25. April: Sinai Liberation Day
01. May: Labour Day
02. May: Sham El-Nessim (feast of spring)
18. June: Evacuation Day
23. July: Revolution Day
06. October: Crossing of the Suez Canal Day / Army Forces Day
24. October: Suez City Day and National Liberation Day
02. November: Eve of the Smaller Bairam at the end of the month of Ramadan
03. - 05. November: Smaller Bairam
23. December: Victory Day

It is expected that the holy month of Ramadan in 2005 will start on 4th of October, and end on 2nd of November.

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